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What Is Mother's Day?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and at SimAri Homes, we know how important it is to show our mums just how much we love them. On behalf of everyone, we at SimAri Homes would just like to say a huge thank to all the mums out there for everything you do. We know it may be hard sometimes, but we appreciate you lots.

The power that a mum holds is second to none. Her sixth sense tells her when her little one is in danger; her maternal instincts detect when her child is hiding something. Mums have the ability to locate things have long since been lost in the back of the sofa. Is there anything they can’t do?

Temi, a mother of three girls, recalls something that her nine year-old daughter once said to her:

“Mummy is the best because she always makes time for us even when she says she’s tired”.


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1 Comment

Temi Adegbite
Temi Adegbite
Mar 07, 2021

Great read, thanks for including me

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